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Hi All,

I'm having a problem with my Ninebot Mini Pro.  It recently got a new motherboard because of some water damage and that caused it to reset as new.  Now I cant get past the new rider tutorial and it is speed limited at 6.2 MPH. When I try to complete the new rider tutorial I can get to where you have to lift it and set it back down, but the Mini Pro is not recognizing that it is being lifted up. As a result, it won't let me past that screen, and won't let me finish the tutorial / unlock 10MPH.

Any thoughts?

(see screen shot)



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Hello Marvin Martien,
Does he turn off when you lift him in normal operation?
If that does not work, the "Gravity Sensor" will not be detected correctly.

The minipro has an internal electronic weight scale.
This detects a negative weight when lifting and then shuts off.

Maybe when installing the new mainboard the white connector plug was forgotten, that would explain your problem.



Greetings Donald

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