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Legway not working


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So I got my legwaylegway (spreading the wings) 3days back

I was riding it yesterday (third day of learning)at the park.I lifted it when it was on and so the wheels started spinning fast(thats normal)  so to stop it i pressed the power button for 10sec

It stopped and later didnt start

I reached home kept it for charging andand the red light on charger indicating its charging started

I thought battery had drained and also was scared whether i broke legway so i stopped charging in 15min and pressed power button

All lights started for like 3sec and stopped 

Laterwhen i tried charging the red light on charger aint coming

I guess charger is working because when i dont plug it in and start the red light on charger starts for half a second and goes off but as soon as i connect it to legway it doesnt light up even for half a second

Pls help its just 3days and it stopped working it was working fine before stopping at park when i force stopped by pressing button for 10s (it had 20-50%) charging at that time

Plsssss help

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Try plugging in the charger, standing the wheel upright and turning it on.

Some wheels can be reset by turning them on whilst plugged in I believe.

I tried doing that but it aint working 

pls help

see the charger red light blinks for half a second and goes off when not plugged into legway

but when i plug into legway it doesnt even blink 

which means the supply is going somewhere 

i tried charging it for 1hr but still nothing

pls help :(:(

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When one of my chargers did that I checked it with a cheap voltmeter and found it wasn't putting out any charge. Had to replace it with a cheap one off eBay. 

So i opened the legway

Removed battery

So the thing is when i connect circuit wire wire(motor and stuff) to battery, the legway doesnt start anyways and the red light on battery too doesnt start

But when i connect only charger to battery the light appears 


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