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Copenhagen users of EUC?

Paul Panait

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Hi, my name is Paul, I live in Copenhagen and I would like to meet some owners of the EUC and get some reviews. If possible also to try to ride one and see if I could by one in order to help me out on my daily work. Thanks a lot. Ps: since I'm a foreigner my danish is quite limited at the moment :) 

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Hello Henrik,


Thanks for the message, 

I have ordered couple weeks ago the new Ips Zero 130wh ( needed a small one so I can take it through the airport with no problem ). I'm still waiting for it since the delivery got postponed couple of times due to testing. Maybe I'll be the proud owner of it on the 28th of sept. :)

thanks for the Facebook page. 

I live very close to Valby parken. Maybe we could meet at some point if you pass by there to enjoy some fresh air :)

Ps: I noticed that you have some 9bot, did you try using it on a rainy day? 




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