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"My Way" youtube serie by Lam's Pics

Lam's Pics

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Hi !
My name is Valentin, and I'm a french wheeler.

And I have the passion of photography and filmmaking too, so I created few weeks ago, a new serie, called "My way" for share to you and for the love of EUC, my vision of the use of EUC In 5 episodes.

I will update this thread after each new episode released.

For the moment, on my channel :

My way #1 OFFROAD

soon :

My way #3 ... (Online the November 11th)

Whether it's for passionate riders who will understand me or just give inspiration to novices, my videos are just there to share my vision coupled with my passion for filmmaking

here the link of the first episode  (English Subtitle available) :


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[VIDEO] My Way #3 BIG CITY RIDE  by Lam's Pics

Hi !

here the 3rd episode ! Focused on the urban ride, check it out ! :)
Different of my others episode, this one is very more dynamic, as the urban ride !  (English subtitles available)

Enjoy !


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