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Flash sale €531 Ninebot Plus Fast delivery 2-7 days

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Update offer at the last post, thanks^_^



Please unlock your adblock and contribute to my blog, thanks


Instructions to buy on Gearbest


1 / Read my user review where appear all steps for order and activation


2 / Pay by Paypal and activate the option "return" in your paypal account, and also take the insurance of Gearbest


3 / If your Mini is defective, you contact gearbest Support Center for RMA authorization within 7 days of the order being received, you must be patient because they will not answer the same day (jet lag + many requests at the international level)


4 / You will not have to return the Mini in China! Yes, Gearbest has a warehouse in Spain (for Europa), that's where with their permission, you will send the Mini, and the shipping costs will be paid up to 30 euros by Paypal, once they have it received in Spain, Gearbest will refund you if additional shipping costs.

More information about warranties and returns  https://www.gearbest.com/about/warranty-and-return.html

That's it, so you have to be just patient :facepalm:


Gearbest €456.83/$539.99 Ninebot Plus



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update 02/07/2019


Bad news

I am a member of this forum
I can not publish a good deal
if the dealer is not honest

If they are not honest with their partner
They will not be honest with their customers
so with forum members
in consequence I do not associate my name, my reputation with these resellers

I experienced the shipping garantee
Gearbest did not honor its commitments
(I ordered a phone that was stolen on the way)
Gearbest was not responsive
After opening a ticket,
Gearbest let my ticket hang over for a month
it was a real disaster
Paypal was also not responsive, I had no news from them after a month
I had to make the claims myself with the French Post who refunded me
I asked Gearbest to refund me for the shipping guarantee fee, they refused
I do not advise you anymore to take Gearbest's shipping guarantee



Gearbest european warehouse deliver Mini PLUS N4M340 in less than 7 working days, best shipping time 1-2 working days, please select your country

531 euros it's a good price, please unlock adblock, take shipping garantee it's important, 



China Mini PLUS price 3499元=446 euros

Gearbest price less than 500 euros=40 days free shipping from China by rail

Gearbest european warehouse 531 euros=fast ship in few days


 Read my user review where appear all steps for order and activation



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