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Circle versus box form-factor.


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I like the look of the circle because, damnit, I paid for a wheel so it should look like a proper wheel!

Saying that, I've owned two circles and two boxes and I have to say, the box just seems better in every way except perhaps in a crash. 

Interestingly, there seems to be plenty of both form factors to choose from.

Also, not sure which form factor the Rockwheel would fall into to.

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16 minutes ago, meepmeepmayer said:

Circle tends to stop working (=look good) after a certain size. See KS16 vs KS18L (especially the first 18L prototype, an upscaled 16, looked bad).

I think, 18 and up, the free tire + box looks better and makes more sense (a circle covering the wheel would be outwards quite far to the front and back). Maybe a really big wheel (24 inch wide tire?) could work as a circle only (aka the tire shape is the wheel shape, with nothing much else extending further outwards, looking from the sides).

I also prefer circle, but apparently it won't work so easily for bigger sizes. The old IPS/Ninebot white circles looked great. Also, circle = better mud guard and no exposed tire spraying dirt at you.

Good question with the Rockwheel:efee8319ab: ... maybe there's another form factor, tire + part on top? Slim box?

Also, is egg shape (MCM4, Tesla) a circle or something separate?

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I've thrown my (circle?) KS14c down the road,more times than I care to remember.  Scuff, scratches, that's it.  Seen a Gotproblems MSuper V3 thrown down ONCE!!, in a YouTube vid.  Looked like it had been used for artillery practice; pieces of the shell missing, headlight hanging out likes crash test dummy eyeball, clumps of grass hanging out of the damage. Me thinks the square format is the main problem. As the rider is taking a face plant, the wheel is having one of its own, as the top front square corner hurtles towards the pavement.


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54 minutes ago, WARPed1701D said:

Sorry... The Bridge terminal had a Star Trek LCARS display on it. It broke the immersion. I'm sure you all felt the same. Right? :ph34r:

:efefb6a84e:    28mhclg.jpg

Okay just gonna blow yer mind a little bit here.  Star Trek - time travel - say no more?  :efef927839:



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