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Tested - Gotway Monster with Upgraded Knobby Tire

Steven D Wheeler

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19 hours ago, Steven D Wheeler said:

I looked into some candidate tires once learning that the actual size of a monster tire is 2.75 - 17, not 22 inches.

confused, so the monster tire is not 22 inches?

its 17" ??

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1 hour ago, Monsterman said:

That’s a great idea you had. But just fair warning if you plan on riding in the Chicago winters if you have your monster outside without it on and it gets to cold when you turn it on like normal it will spin up and take off on you. The gyro has to be about a certain temp before it will work. I live an hour away from chicago and this happened to me twice this last week (20 degree) weather outside. If anyone is interested I’ll post a video as well. 

Say that's good advice, I do keep my monster in my garage where it is cold.

I haven't experienced this anomaly yet, and do not want to.

So it just takes off like your giving it throttle? Isn't it cold in China?

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I know Monsterman personally and he demonstrated what happens in cold weather when the euc is left in the car and he is totally correct . It was very scary how fast the wheel spun up , like 0 to 100 percent . Talked to the electrician at work and he said it was probably from condensation from the cold that turned it into a death rocket. Just saying believe him and dont leave your monster out in the cold or it will turn into a real monster. 

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