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Pedal dip revisited around a traffic circle.


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I haven't been plagued by pedal dip since my early months but yesterday I was going around a traffic half a dozen times (because why not?) and the pedals gradually kept dipping until the front portion of the left pedal finally touched down.

I'd like to see if other people can replicate this.

Model: KS16s.

Speed: 10-15 mph.

The wheel touches the left front pedal between the 2nd to 3rd circuit so be cautious about that.

This probably means one's body adjusts to the pedal dip, and it becomes invisible but it's still there.

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5 hours ago, meepmeepmayer said:

Did you try a recalibration? On Gotways, this gets rid of this. Didn't even know KS has that, too.

I did do a single calibration when I first got the wheel, and the pedal dip doesn't bother me.

I'm simply curious as to see if other people experience it.

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