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Think from first principles


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With autonomous vehicles around the corner, we are looking at new opportunities. No collisions in the medium future.

That means we can do away with lots of extra weight. 

a car carries a lot more than needed for personal commuting.

An euc is fairly cheap per trip even when accounting for amortisation of purchase price. Did i use the term amortisation correctly here?

Drawback of euc is that you are prone to the rain and you are standing.

a vehicle with more than one wheel is wasteful. A sphere is wasteful.

Conclusion: sk-210a9f5a4586daddf5c0766d93ece975.jpeg

with the speeds we want to ride, the canopy will make riding this device with a seat even cheaper than our euc's.

Upon parking, the dvice will kneel down with the front or the back and be stable for embarkibgng and dismbarkkinng.


So the firs principles i used herewere


We want cheap transportation--wind resistance and no superflous mass or complexity.

we want comfort, therefore a seat and a canopy

We want safety so therefore we wait til after self driving cars are present and no loccollision safety zones etc are needed.


Have i worked from first principles here?

critizise my thinking. Go

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