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Strasbourg - FRANCE 10/15/17


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Hi guys,

I'm posting this annoucement, if you want to join are next "Easter France" group meeting in Strasbourg Saturday the 15th of October (next week), we would be very pleased to ride with you on this occasion !! You are all invited !

We will gather "Place Broglie" at 1:10PM, the departure should be around 1:30PM.

There will be 2 trips, the first for all EUCs : 14.5km distance, the second 20-30km distance for those who want to ride a little more (around 4:45PM), with a break in between. If you want to, you can bring some junk food for the break :D



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10 hours ago, meepmeepmayer said:

I'll come.

Is there a French forum or Whatsapp group or so where one can find some of the riders who will meet?

Join the group "THE WHEELERS (destiné à l'écomobilité)" or "Les Wheelers D'Alsace (Gyropodes, Segway, eTrott) on facebook ;)

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So I'm there from Saturday around 12:15 to Monday around 15:00 (train times). Staying in a hostel close to the train station.


  • Saturday: ride through Strasbourg, ideally including a night ride:efeeec645d:
  • Sunday: do the two organized rides (at least) and maybe an extra night ride:efeeec645d:
  • Monday: ride some more through or around Strasbourg:efeeec645d:


If anyone wants to meet up besides the official rides I'm available:efee47c9c8: Will post on some French places too, probably, probably not too many people here who come.

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