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V8 consumption statistics


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This is great visualization of how efficient the wheel is... i'm curious to know how other wheels would perform under same conditions, and see if theirs indeed a way to make a wheel cover more distance using the same battery/engine/tire/tire pressure/rider weight under controlled environment... this would explain us if some brands make any fine tuning on how the energy is consumed.

So far we as consumers only worry about wheel size/wheel weight/size of battery pack/engine power... although we see for instance a V8 with a super small battery covering long distances "apparently" easier than other wheels with same or more batteries.


Need to track my Wh/km consumption... 

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On 10/3/2017 at 5:26 PM, Chriull said:

@Mono: how did you get the Wh/km?

I measured distance with the V8 app and Wh with the charge doctor using invariably 81.5V as turn off trigger. Most of the time the travel distance between two measurement points was a round trip of between 10 and 20km.

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