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KS-14C Power capacitor replacement and better placement


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13 hours ago, Hunka Hunka Burning Love said:

Nice job!  That one cap with the black wire attached looks a little close to the screw.  I wonder if those cap legs would be better shrinktube wrapped to avoid conducting where they shouldn't be conducting.  Are they supposed to be in parallel like that?

The leg could be insulated, but it was far enough away from the screw that I'm not worried. The capacitors are in parallel, it has the effect of adding up their capacitance (series would add up their voltages, and they're already rated for 80v)

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2 minutes ago, Hunka Hunka Burning Love said:

How is the top capacitor secured?  Considering the amount of vibration these wheels experience it might be good to silicone them to the control board?

In most cases I would think so, however these were such a snug fit that it would have been hard to put the board in without adjust them a bit to maneuver it in. That said, I'm pretty confident it's held tightly enough not to rattle around. The original capacitors weren't mounted any more securely,- then again, those capacitors are fried...

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