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Who made the news?


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:confused1:  What would make you think that anyone in that story was a forum member?  Did I miss something?

I did help point out these meth murder suspects on the forum.  One was trying to sell some Gotways IIRC on here and on eBay.  :whistling:  This is how I earned my PI certificate.  You wouldn't believe the similarities to "Breaking Bad" that I was able to draw.  :rolleyes:  Reality is stranger and similar to fiction!


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16 hours ago, KalSeth said:

According to the news article this person "Martinez" required a Spanish translator as he did not speak English.

Therefore, since this forum is apparently 100% English-speaking (even the group ride planning section switches back and forth between languages), it follows that no forum member was guilty of such a transgression.

Deductive reasoning. Also, prime suspect @Hunka Hunka Burning Love wasn't in new york at the time.

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