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Severe shaking on Kingsong KS16 at rest

Simon Lovell

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When I start or stop my KS16 or push in the handle and cause any slight movement the whole unit starts to violently shake and oscilate back and forwards vigerously. My unit is about 20 months old and this problem started gradually several months ago and has been getting progressively worse IE It happens most times I use it now rather than occasionally. Obviously it must be something to do with the gyroscopic sensing device (whatever that is) but can it be corrected. I would be gratefull for any feedback /advice / solution to this as I fear it might start to happen whilst I am on the device going down the road which could be catastophic!

I stop ithe shaking by either turning the device off or lifting it slightly almost off the ground so that the wheel is still touching the ground very lightly but not enough to create a feed back loop.

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1 hour ago, meepmeepmayer said:

From what I've learned from @Kingsong69, sounds like a bad/defect board and you'll need a new one. My guess.

@Simon LovellThat..or defect hall sensors in the Motor unit...as it starts gradually and got worse, i would more think of the hall sensors...but thats just a guess!

It also does not go away after calibrating?

Then it needs Service...the fault may only get worse and the wheel wont heal itself, unfortunatly

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1 hour ago, andress said:

would definitely check the whether the bolts holding the peddle arms are tight before doing anything else. Very dirty in the picture but hopefully you can see what I mean.

Also godd idea!

While:  if it would be just the pedalarm loose...it would not go away from Re-Starting like Simon reported...

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I have recently taken the wheel apart due to some rubbing in the case. I think this may have been caused by the peddle fixing bolts being slightly loose. That problem was therefore solved and it made no difference to the shaking.

I have tried to do a recalibration but nothing seems to happen. I have tried pressing and holding the main power button ......maybe I should try the smaller button.

I have now reset the riding mode to the hardest setting and will see if that helps.

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