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Anyone else tried Mountain Biking Shoes?

Barrett Roberts

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30 minutes ago, radial said:

Hmm, interesting.  Biking shoes are typically very stiff, as in no flex at all so as to facilitate the transfer of power.  I'll have to try mine on the wheel.

Yes the stiffness seemed to really help with the comfort of riding.  I am curious if anyone else finds the same thing to be true.  

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The use of the balance and pivot points in the foot anatomy where transitions from applying front pressure, rear pressure or neutral pressure are sort of unique to EUC riding. I find that I can ride in just about any decent pair of foot gear but I ALWAYS regret not wearing the shoes (Oboz)


Into which I have a pair of Dr.  Sholl's heel and arch support inserts (grocery store under $25). Without them I need to move my feet around to deal with discomfort and to keep the blood circulation moving , after riding a few miles.

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