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King Song KS-18s Sport Cruise Speed Test Video Kingsong

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4 minutes ago, Gustesta said:

I tried my new King Song KS-18s 1640Wh and decided to make a video of its cruising speed.

I'm 6.2 feet tall and 210 pounds. 

So far, it's very stable, reliable, fun etc.

Link for the video is below:


Great video with telemetry overlay at the bottom and at the end, the ride path.  I like the eye level view from over the shoulder, more people should do that sometimes, it gives a better feel for what the rider is actually experiencing.  Wow, that was some fast riding!

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2 hours ago, MetricUSA said:

Now that you got a 35+ km/h ride, is it hard to maintain a regular slower speed say, 25 km/h?

For me not at all. I do ride at 35km/h quite often on a 16S, but whenever it's called for I have no trouble riding at any slower speed. For example if I'm with a friend who's on a bicycle. After an hour of slow speed standing I do miss going faster, but that is mostly because of needing some activity after a long standing time.

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