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GT16 1036wh - fixed version

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It is V2 standard.

There are now warnings and tilt-back if you push it beyond 70% or so, there are warning beeps if regenerative charging has reached the limit (respect that warning immediately, or it will cut out).

On the hardware side, the new shells seems to be of slightly higher quality, with better sealing in the control box and overall pretty good finish. The axles are better, the connectors are better, the cabling is better.

The gel pads are better, but that is personal preference.

My only real bone with the current standard is that they seem to use a bit high moment when attaching the pedal arms, which means there is a small risk of cracks in the bracket. It shouldn't be enough to actually break it, but it's still something to look out for.

There's still room for improvement, but the V2 is a pretty good wheel, and having a 2kW motor in a compact package is pretty awesome.

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Old post but...lets see if i can revive it🤪

Does anyone know where to get proper info on the gt16?

is there a v4...how can we easily know which is v2 or v3?

Will they(Rockwheel) have a website that is current?

Are they coming out with a v4 (or even a fully new wheel 16”)?

Oh , and last but not least....if anyone hears of a gt16 for sale i would like to hear about it too....please.


Ride with respect and ssafely (the ss is to show that you can still be fast but safe😉)

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