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Was having trouble with my bluetooth connection via the wheel. Theres a whole thread on that. But THANKS to that, i came back to this thread, saw the whole EUC world stuff and got the new app. I am absolutely LOVING the bluetooth updates and verbal alarms right in my headphones. I was listening to some music and cruising around at night and it just lowered the volume of my music and came through with a "Please slow down". My pebble watch wasnt connected at the time, so i was really happy for that since i was just in the zone and it kept me in check. Also, not sure if its just the fixes i was making on my phone itself, but it reconnects faster and with more ease when it DOES disconnect. And it tells me in my ear when its reestablished connection or disconnected in the first place. Overall im super happy with this and it suits my cautious ride style, haha!

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