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Extending range using solar cells

Tech Nossomy

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I have been thinking about extending range in a non-invasive way, ie a method that does not require changes to the specifications of the wheel. Maybe someone can validate the following: a solar cell is embedded on the outside of the back-pack that I carry when riding my wheel. This charges a capacitor, also within my back-pack, that - when filled - drop-charges the charge into a spare EUC battery. When the wheel battery has no more charge, I click it out of my wheel and exchange it with the one from my back-pack and continue my journey. This battery swapping should take about 2 minutes in an idealised sense, ie far shorter than charging at a charge point.
I understand that the solar cell specifications would not suffice the battery to get fully charged within the time it takes to fully deplete the original battery. For my Ninebot I would need 1.9A and 61V to achieve the desired power output and the current generation of solar cells do not achieve this. Even more so, the power output is influenced by ambient shading and the cell's angle, so very far from the theoretical maximum. Then also I would need to modify the Ninebot for it to be equipped with swappable batteries.

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I ran into a guy on a onewheel that was charging his system using an amorphous pvl 5' x 1' that he rolled out to charge a powerbank, which he then used to charge up his onewheel. It was very compact and he used it to recharge his phone and computer as well.

your idea sounds great, and maybe a hat made up of solar cells with those shade flaps in the back would be a good addition. If you get it done, or find it made, let us know!

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