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Yoshi's New Riding Gear

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2 hours ago, Marty Backe said:

@YoshiSkySunsurprised us today when showing up for a group ride. He had his new ACM and all new riding gear :thumbup:



Look out @Hunka Hunka Burning Love, @Marty Backe has got a crush on a Power Ranger!:o:dribble::roflmao:

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If you look closely, you may notice that my gears are basically BMX/motorcross attires...my decision was easy, because motorcross gears are lightweight and comfortable to wear compared to other options out there.


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3 hours ago, YoshiSkySun said:

Here's a brief rundown of my gears:

Helmet: Fox Pro Frame Racing. https://www.foxracing.com/store/product/PROFRAME-MOTH-HELMET/_/A-product-18609..catalog10001.en__US.plist20002__plist20001.464?cc=464

Jacket: Fox Racing Titan Sport Protective MTB jacket.


Knee pads: Fox Racing Launch Safety BMX MTB Knee/Shin Pad.


Shorts: Cycling shorts by Pearl iZUMi.


Gloves: Some old baseball batting gloves. I ordered the wrist guards from Flexmeter, but they were a bit small...I will return those and these will do for the time being.

Innerwears: An old snowboarding fatigue camo face mask and compression shirt and tight pants by Nike.


Shoes: A pair of old basketball shoes by Jordan.

EUC: Gotway ACMs+ 1600wh from @Jason McNeil.


Last but not least, photography courtesy of @Marty Backe.

I must say, the protection gears are very comfortable to wear and ride in. There are no restrictions and my range of motions were not compromised. The helmet is lightweight and weighs about a pound, the jacket (which has a mesh materials provides excellent ventilations for hot summer days) clocks in at around 2 pounds, and the knee pads are about a pound all together. In conclusion, this attire beats shorts and sandals any day of week. Yup! After my accident, I went from 0 to 100. :ph34r: :w00t2: 


I think the blue Power Ranger is my favorite.  LOL.

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@YoshiSkySun You know any martial arts to complete the theme? We need a photo of you high-kicking a bad guy or something;) Maybe one of the other riders wants to get a goatee (the bad guy beard) and play the role:D

You could make a nice photo story (like a short comic): blue ranger vs. the evil wheel snatcher.

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Just a note, that the jacket is dirt rated, not street rated.  Should be OK for normal EUC speeds, but I wish Fox would give more information on this.

Update: I can't find the official CE certification, but going by what some dealer was saying.  So it maybe better for street than I thought, certainly some are using it this way.

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