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Recommendations? (IPS, Ninebot, etc.)


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Hi all,


I've decided to buy a wheel and I would really appreciate some advice selecting which one.

I'd like one that's less than $1000 and has a 16" wheel. Given that, I'd like to

  • maximize range
  • maximize maneuverability (I'll be using it on sidewalks)
  • maximize quality/reliability/durability
  • minimize weight

Of course range and weight are at odds, but wheels that seem good here are the Ninebot One E+ and some 16" IPS wheel (the naming is so confusing with those, if you know the name of the best 16" IPS and where to get it, please let me know). Would you all suggest any other wheels or have any advice on how to decide between these? Another consideration is that I live in NY and from other threads it seems unclear which IPS wheels I can get here (and I know I can easily get a Ninebot from Hoodryderz). Also if it matters I'm about 60-65 kg.



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If I am not mistaken Ninebot vs IPS is the choice between stylish design with all the accessories vs a purist but powerful wheel. Though, I guess, you have all the specifications yourself (I don't have any insider knowledge on these). The variety of choice for good 16" e-wheels under 1000 bugs is IMHO not that great. You might also want to check whether the max speed / speed warning settings suit your needs. Personally, I'd prefer to go, say, at least 18km/h without getting a speed warning.

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They're all good eWheels: Niko's right that the 14"s are leading the way with performance, exemplified by the Gotway MCM2s + the  new King Song 800W. On paper the 14" are comparable, but in actuality, there's a massive amount of reserve power & the cruising speed is at least 5-8kph more these two 14" eWheels.

General rule with buying eWheels is you want at least 32cells or 260Wh, preferable 64cells or 520Wh. Even if you don't need the range, having all that reserve power makes it both less prone to cut-outs & is typically higher cruising speed as well = more enjoyable to ride.

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My advise is buy the one you really want, and if you can not afford it now. Save until you can afford it. Even if you're a beginner.

Your only end end up upgrading within a few weeks if you don't. 


For the record I owned an x8 first, now have a Ninebot E, which I'm more than happy with, but I am always looking around for the next wheel to own

There like mobile phones, your always wanting the latest models  


good luck  


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I'm live in NY , and I started with an airwheel x3 and realized quickly that I needed more range.
I still have to admit it was very good to learn with.
I got the Ninebot one E+ and I'm more than happy.
Let us know what you get.

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