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Ninebot E+ vs S1(S2 for Europe)


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Hi @gardiola, welcome aboard!

If those 2 are your only options, then go for the S2. Why? Simple, because it's the newer tech. But if you would consider other options, I personally recommend Inmotion V5F or even the better Inmotion V8 for your consideration.

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To be honest I can't tell you much about ninebot. Do you have any plan how you will be using your unicycle? (short distance commute or last mile solution, pleasure or maybe want to make long commutes)

I always used IPS and they never failed me in the past 1.5 years... oh and almost forgot one Chinese generic at the beginning which I don't recommend at all

I have an almost new Zero selling out if you might be interested. 260wh and gives approx 23km (truly tested) on a charge over hilly Malta with 85kg+ rider weight

With regards to IPS, the last 2 models are the LHOTZ (good for offroading), Zero which is more aesthetically nice, then the super light weight i5 and very easy to start with

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I had to do the same decision one week ago and went for a Ninebot One E+ .

First of all, I'm a relatively heavy with approx. 100kg and need to ride some steep climbs with 15-20% on gravel and I wanted to have a leg support.

The newer E+ Models feature a very luxury and well padded white leather leg support and you can change the ride settings.

It took about half an hour to my first short trip with the E+ so I can totally recommend it, I got mine exactly one week ago and already did 80km with all kind of stuff.

If you don't want to jump and mostly ride on asphalt the smaller NB1S2 might be right for you ;-) Would be interesting what peak power the S2 could handle...

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