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Opinions on the safest wheel?

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Just curious; what are folks' opinions on who makes the safest wheel?  I see lots of positive information about many of the wheels out there, but many of you own multiple EUCs, and I'm more interested in reading about your personal experiences. 

Who does it better, and who does it worse?

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Ips has moved forward with design.   Circuitry.  I'm guessing they're all fundimentally the same, meaning;


control board

battary management system (BMs)

battary (18650 3.7v cells stacked)



Shell / tire / etc...


so with that overview,  check the brand section in this forum before making your purchase.  6 months ago I got the ninebot e+, with safety/durability/ and entry-mid use case with a 15-20mile range. I wouldn't make that same choice now, as a lot of the newer models have  like KS and ips & inmotion also include over temp, over lean, speed limit...  etc. (which is why I say they have a common circuitry. I'm guessing they're using the same reference design).


KS & recently Ninebot for the Z series made mention of a redundant battery circuit.  This is the key single point of failure I see with the wheels.

in closing... being they all have the same inherent fault of failing due to battary failure, gearing up with helmet and gloves is the safest approach. It's a case of "when"   Instead of if... because battaries have a mtbf which is why they have limited warranties.


if you're new to riding... get an entry level..  or if you know a friend borrow theirs to learn. (I have loaned out. :)  )


then em when you have the practicality down.  Buy one based on your purpose.


KS, ninebot have been around,  gotway has pinned themselves as the HyperCar of the ewheel's imo. 


If if you don't want to rebuy.  I'd snag an inmotion v8, and if flight/travel is important.  Solowheel has a new wheel that is faa storage approved (small battary caution).


closing note:

faster than 20mph. Is problematic in the USA legally because epamd devices are defined "up to" 20mph.  Above those speeds you need to be in the bike lane.

2nd. -  84v motor & board +battary to sustain the amperage needed for 30mph cruising safely is key...  I expect another voltage bump, as ninebot is about to launch the z10 that has a 37+ tag on it...

so I expect gotway to step it up, and KIngSong has a new model about to come out with a vented chassis it looks like, to also get some market share of the 30+mph crowd

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