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Ninebot One E+ foot plate replacement

Bob Eisenman

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    Despite the mild use of force required to tap out the hinge bolt (after loosening the set screw with a hex key) in an older Ninebot One  E+, the replacement of a damaged old foot plate with a new one is  expected to be a simple reversal of the steps used to remove it. To avoid loosing those two spacing washers, hinge bolt and hex keyed set screw I've postponed disassembly of the pedal until the new part arrives.

The only major delay I've encountered is the delivery lag time for a newly purchased pedal. I located a replacement on Amazon.com where  'NinebotUS' is the third party seller.

The foot plate became noticibly cracked August 22, after a spinning EUC tumble in the street. One to three weeks of waiting is expected for my Amazon.com order to arrive with free delivery.

The pedal to be replaced had for some time been awkwardly displaced outward (compared to the opposite pedal) by a centimeter or so when the pedal was in the folded up position. I'd noticed the small displacement for some time but never looked too closely at the cause by removing it for inspection (small crack?).

The cracked right pedal on Aug 22 flexed slightly under my weight and was visibly cracked. The observation followed a tumble in the street  which was caused when the left pedal brushed a curb in a narrow crosswalk being used simultaneously. The tumble was really low speed, almost a standstill. Avoiding a pedestrian moving in the opposite direction  caused the squeeze against the curb.  The EUC's turning ability seemed unusual after the tumble and the pedal scraped the ground in a turn a mile down the road.  Fortunately a bus stop was nearby bringing me back the five miles I'd travelled.

Since the expected delivery date from NinebotUS via the Amazon.com order is a date range (up to three weeks) from

Aug29 -Sept13

the part might possibly ship all the way from China. It's not like Ninebot riders regularly need pedal replacements.... so perhaps no stateside inventory exists. Additionally the delivery period comes at the end of the summer during a holiday period (3 day weekend).

The cracked pedal is from a bot with several thousand miles of use on the original part plus untold numbers of minor tumbles.




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We are writing to let you know that shipment of the following order has not been confirmed by the seller within the expected timeframe:
Order ID:      
Merchant name: NinebotUS
Item(s) to ship:
Name: Ninebot One Foot Plate (Complete)
Qty:  1      ASIN/ISBN: B01DWWQEV6
Because shipment of this order has not yet been confirmed by the seller, your credit card has not been charged and we are not able to provide you with shipment details.
If you would like to ask NinebotUS for more information about the status of this order, including the expected ship date, you may contact them directly.
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The replacement 'foot plate' for my Ninebot One E+ is out for delivery on the postal truck. It should be delivered within a few hours. I've removed the foot plate's axle set screw, bushings and axle bolt. The cracked part of the footplate was separated entirely from the rest of the pedal.





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My gut feeling is that the bicycle (rather than EUC gizmos) is becoming the official-endorsed form of non-automotive transportation in Boston an the North Shore so I've equipped 'Veronica -Latino girl character' with a stylish bicycle from another era.

The feeling of rejection of the EUC while riding can be stressful. 



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I decided to install both of the new foot plates.






If you read about the 'Penny-farthing' bicycle shown in the animation render above with Veronica Latino Girl, it turns out that going over the front wheel (a header) while riding was a common risk with the Penny-farthing bicycle that led to its loss of popularity and to the development of the safety bike. Wikipedia says that in the late19 the century one Penny-farthing rider went cross country and on to go 'around the world'. YouTube has several fails videos for the Penny-farthing.


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