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ACM pedal swap recommendation


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I'm considering swapping the pedals on my GotWay ACM 820. I currently have the default ones that look like this (except mine have grip tape as well as the rubber inserts):



My feet are fairly big so I was considering either of the following:



Does anyone have a preference between these two? If so, why?

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The first ones you linked are the better of the two IMO. I had some of the second ones for my ACM and with the weather in the UK I found the grip tape wearing off.

Whereas with the first ones you linked, I have these on my monster, the grip tape has still come away slightly on one corner of my right pedal but I still have the rubber grips as backup.

For my ACM I actually took their original rubber grip pedals (as shown in your image) and added my own, very good, grip tape and the pedals are still perfect now so I may replace Gotways, crap, tape on my Monster with my some of the better quality tape I have.

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The first ones are the msuper V3 pedals (later also used on some Monsters).

The second ones are the "new" ACM pedals (initially also used on Monster, some dealers changed to the msuper ones) vs the "old" ACM pedals (smaller, only red rubber, no grip, like your picture).

Have tried only the new ACM ones, so no recommendation.


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