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Inmotion V5F+ (Europe), Bargain!


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Hello fellow riders,

Here I have Inmotion V5F+ for sale. 

*Good condition
*Mileage is approximately - 250-350km
*Cool looking design with some stickers on the inner shells 
*Protective foam/padding on the sides (DIY made)
*EU type charger + original Box

Price  - 450 euro + 50-100 euro shipping (I'll need to clarify the price depending on the country I ship to). Will ship via UPS, DHL or DPD. 

Location - Estonia.

If you're from Finland or Sweden and want to come by ferry and buy it in person, that would be awesome. We can also have a nice chat regarding our EUC adventures.

Let me know if you're interested. Thanks


IMG_4677 (1).jpg

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