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New msuper V3s+ tire is offset to the side, what is the problem?


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Hi guys,

i just got my new msuper3 s+ 1600 wh

Everything is perfect, except the tire seems to be offset to the right side . When I make a hard turn to the right, or if I stand on the only right leg, the tire rubs  the shell.

I tried to deinflate the tire then tried to check everything before reinflating, still the same problem... check the picture below to understand, the space left on the left is far more important than the right one., it is like the tire was not centered in the shell... could be dangerous at high speeds, huh? the picture below is the position of the tire when I put pressure only on the right pedal (standing with my full weight 80 kgs on the right leg)

Any idea of how to fix this?




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If someone can tell this guy what the problem is... Brand new msuper, seller claims this is not a problem (which is nonsense).

But we can still wonder what exactly went wrong in assembly.


8 hours ago, batiti93 said:

Any idea of how to fix this?

You should insist on a return/replacement. It's not your job to start tearing down a brand new wheel to get it in working condition. It's quite a lot of work and you have to deal with the electronic connections etc. - really not your job!

Who is the seller?

(It would be nice if you added your location/country to your profile, this may count for warranty stuff or whatever consumer rights.)

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