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Power LED's for Night Riders

Henrik Olsen

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I use the Zintony RA (2) to shed light on the sides as well as a lamp on the wrist when I film night

SIGMA Buster 2000 on my wrist.

In my hand Olight SR Mini Intimidator

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I was practically mocked in another post for suggesting multi-color LED's would sway motorists away. The consensus was: bright white = 'coming towards' and blinking-red = 'hazard ahead'. In the end, I bought a blinking-red 'Veglo' on Amazon for under $10 bucks and an off-brand Cree headlamp (to see and be seen). I also wear lots of shining LED and/or reflective accessories on my arms and legs for good measure... (I've found lots of stuff on Amazon on the cheap -- from LED shoe clips to glo-bands etc.)

5981e81c72b7f_Tracer360ProductImage-374x600.jpg.22b6220584678020080fd3093f065773.jpgveglo.jpg.74213d59bdf10621e825193944c8e067.jpg<-- Veglo COMMUTER X4 (wearable, fibre optic blinky-red taillight)


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I am a big fan of LED's.

I put flashing red on the back of my scooter and a high end flashlight with several flashing modes on the front.

I even put an LED kit on my motorcycle and am surprised at the dichotomy of opinion on that. I had one mc rider tell me that LED's make no difference on a motorcycle. With small size and generally reduced visibility at night, I completely disagree. I know I can see mc's with LED kits on them for several blocks away.

Anything you can do to make yourself more visible is great.

Also, there is reflective wheel tape you can apply.


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