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Hoverboard not activating - weight?


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Hi, I bought Koowheel K5 hoverboard for my niece. She is 8 years old and about 25kg (55 lbs). Often when she gets on the hoverboard, it is not activated. It's like no one standing on it. Are there any necessary settings for this age and weight? Whan adult stands on it lights on boths side are on and everything is OK.


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@Josip The only relevant bit in the user manual is:

Precautions Before Using

  1. Stand behind the scooter and adjust the handle till the pedals are level. At this time, the scooter is at a balanced state, and ready for use. First step on one of the pedals with one foot; place the other foot after you hear the "beep" sound, which indicates the scooter is in appropriate pressure state and maintains balance. If the pedals are not balanced, readjust them and make them level.

  2. Balance Test : Place the scooter on a horizontal position, and press the "On/Off" button for 3s; release the button when you hear the "beep" sound and the side indicator LED lights flash. After conducting the balance test, you need to perform the riding test. 

Point 1.) does seem to suggest it has a sensor or switch that is weight operated, point 2.) is worth trying to see if it makes any difference. There is no other adjustment I can see in the user manual.

As far as I can see, without personal experience of this Hoverboard, it looks to be the best designed and highest quality Hoverboard currently available, although it's use of what it calls "gravity sensors" appears to be mainly to get around existing hoverboard patents and you may have found a major problem with them?

Therefore, it ought to be possible to ask this question of your supplier or return it for a refund if it will not work with a light child. The manual says children under 14 must be supervised, it does not say it cannot or must not be used under a certain weight or size. 

Alternately ask Koowheel themselves: http://www.koowheel.com/contact-us

If you do find the answer to this problem, please update this page to help other users.

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Hi @Josip,

Koowheel products are pretty well-built in most cases. We've personally had reports of this happening with their upgraded motors. We're not 100% sure, however, but it seems that the previous 250w motors allowed anybody from 25kg+ to ride the board with ease. However, the upgraded 350w motors seem to be an issue with a lower weight class. Riders who weigh less than 35kg experience inactive sensors or jittering of the board when riding.

Hope this helps.

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@josip Here is my suggestion:

As far as I know,the minimum weight for riding hoverboard is 20kgs,maybe different according the hoverboard type

For the regular 6.5inch hoverboard,the board will be vibrate fiercely if the pressure on pedal is not heavy enough,you can use your palm to test it.

Read the manual,if it is still not working,you can go for the supplier for a help. 

BTW,I wrote an article about the weight limt for different types of hoverboard,feel free to read it and leave a comment:https://www.rayeeboard.com/blog/hoverboard-weight-limit/

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