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I can´t ride my kingsong 18s 1500w/1680wh


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It's perfectly normal, I had a KS18B, I am a light rider (60kg) and I had some hard time to turn it even if I had already traveled 1600km on my other EUC, you just need to get used to it. I now have a Monster, and it is at least twice as hard to turn, but I love it and I ride it with ease now (1260km on it), it did take me 400km to really get used to it, so don't worry you'll have a blast with your KS18S in no time :)

Like meepmeepmayer said, practice practice practice...but have fun too ^^


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2 hours ago, Bambino said:


I am havig dificulty to drive KS 18s... Its very heavy and not easy to turn...

Its very sad to me... :(:(


Practice and practice!

Ks18 is a very special wheel...needs time to get used to! But thats all...

For new wheels you need adjustment time...for the ks18 some more :-)

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