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On September 4, 2017 at 1:39 AM, em1barns said:

@King Ma - INMOTION, so IFA is coming to an end, and all I could see as announcements are an e-bike and a 3-wheel e-scooter.

Anything still coming in the area of EUC?

I just saw the Solowheel seattle website and just about cried. :confused1:  the Glide 2 is in a lite edition without removable batteries, so totally useless! The motor is 84v but only 450w possible or double under a boost situation. Its a 160wh battery that will barely get you to the local burger king and back. What a clunker! There was no choice for the glide 2 and 2+. Perhaps they are coming soon? What do they care about buyers curiosity? Not a lot apparently. The 6 mile version is $699. 

the V8 - glide 3 is $600 more expensive than the original v8 at $1598 and although they say its faster, the speed is exactly the same on the specs. The best thing is the wheel speed disengagement under the handle when you lift it to take it up stairs. Dont tell them it exists or they will probably remove it since its useful. 

I just cant say what a step back this is for the company. I was really a big fan. Super glad I got in when I did. Not at all hopeful for their future. I guess I got a couple of collectors items though. Ha!

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3 hours ago, ir_fuel said:

Plain crazy. I have a V8 for the 'normal' price and that is a correct price setting compared to other wheels. But $1600? You'd have to be crazy (or not informed) not to go to other brands for that kind of money.

No doubt! I dont think I would have bought it at this price. It would remain a mystery how light and fun it is to drive. There is nothing in its weight and speed range available now, but at that price who will know?

I may have just gone with an electric bike or an URB scooter, which are competitive in this price range and they have two wheels! The onewheel is also competitive in this range for their top of the line models.

Now if they had a 40 mile version that would go 22-25mph , and had a visible taillight this price may be just about right. A price hike without any improvements is just plain old LAZY, and its obvious to their loyal customers and any new customers who research price.

Solowheel seattle's brick and mortar does nothing for me in Los Angeles for an extra $600 that eWheels had done for me for free.

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