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Grip tape + DIY application tool!


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I found myself constantly adjusting my stance, scooting my feet around on the unicycle pedals, especially in wet conditions. I got some grip tape and ucame up with a great way to squeeze it in between the grooves of the pedals: a tiny bearing on the end of a metal rod. The difference was night and day; my feet feel practically stuck to the pedals (even flip flops don't shift at all!), and my control improved so dramatically that I actually started getting better range out of a charge. I figure it's because I was rocking back and forth less, so it didn't have to compensate as much to keep me upright. Also, I really like the look of the tape I chose B)




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31 minutes ago, FreeRide said:

Looks good! Which brand of grip tape did you use?  How long has it been on the pedals?

I put it on mid april, so going on 4 1/2 months now - some of the grain on the ridges has worn off, but it still offers a lot more grip than the bare pedals. The brand is Pusdon.


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