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Schwinn 16' Innertube Work Well with the V8

Eric Fu

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I recently got a flat on my V8 and while shopping for patches, I noticed that Schwinn produced a self sealing tire that had the same dimensions as the V8. 


I figured why not and bought one just in case. It replaced very well and my V8 is once again great after 5.99+tax and hard labor. Valve is unobstrutive. Much better than waiting for a Kenda Innertube for a few days and having to walk to work.

Moral of the story is that standard valves still work well for a unicycle and there is no need to fret if you bust a tire. I can post pictures if you want.

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Nice! Yes, please post pics.

Is the valve just short then? Usually bicycle inner tubes stick out too much perpendicular to the the tire plane and catch on a shell, etc, for sub 18" EUCs, so valve bend needs to be parallel to the tire plane.

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Sorry for the late reply. The valve is a little short, but I find it easier to pump with a hand pump. If you don't pump the tire up fully it is not very pleasant. I tripped over a pothole while turning right. However if you pump it fully it is JUST AS GOOD as the original inner tube. I was able to maintain max speeds without feeling uncomfortable.


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