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New app. issues, not registering, help!


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23 hours ago, yourtoys7 said:

I've registered and it looked like it worked, but when I try to login "user doesn't exist" when I try to reregister, "the code already been registered "

can anyone help?

I'm fascinated why people continue to use the horrible Gotway social app. Why not stick with the older non-social version?

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5 minutes ago, yourtoys7 said:

I deleted the older app by accident and can't get it back. Is there a way to get older app back for iOS ?

You should have it in the appstore under updates Section->"bougth" items, and so should be able to reinstall it again?

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hey guys, i own an inmotion v8 for a year now, and i ordered a ms3s+ 1600...

I downloaded the new app , and have never installed the older one.


So i can't find it in updates... is there a link where i can download the older working version?

Maybe if someone had it on itunes and could get the *.ipa file...


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