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Kingsong 14(c) 800w, 520wh for sale in US


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Kingsong 14(c), 800w, 520wh for sale in the US.  $600 obo.  Runs and charges fine.

This was one of the earliest 14(c) 520s sold in the US so max speed is locked in at something like 18mph and app connectivity too difficult for my 45 year old mind.   I did get it to play music once.  As soon as I got the wheel I smothered it in gaffers tape to protect it during my learning period.  Great wheel that runs fast and hard.  Great for an excuse to visit a friend that is working at the ER for a few stitches. No charging or charger issues.  

Selling to buy a camera.  NO WARRANTIES.  

Caseysearsatty@gmail.com  (423) 232-0038






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