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Flat tire repair inmotion v3pro


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Hey everyone. I'm new to this forum but I've been reading for a while now ;)

A month ago I purchased an inmotion v3pro at a big electro shop. After a few weeks I wanted to inflate the tires a bit more since I got better at using the wheel. Then I noticed that one of the valves was not correct in place and it was impossible to inflate the tire more because of the lack of space. 

When the tire was completely empty I tried to correct it by grabbing the valve and pulled it more outside. It seemed to work but since then the tire deflated all the time. 

Since it was only a few weeks old I brought it back to the shop. They say it will cost me 108 euros to fix the inner tire. That seems like an awful lot of money for an already expensive product that wasn't being put together correctly in the first place. 

Does anyone know if this is a reasonable price for fixing an inner tire on an euc? 

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I don't know the specifics of the v3pro. It could mean 2 times 40 minutes to take it apart and put it together at a price tag of 70 EUR per hour. That seems expensive but not entirely impossible.

You may try to use Slime or another tube sealant instead. Then in general, you may push valves to try to correct their position, but pulling them beyond their natural position is generally not a very good idea. 

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Someone will recommend slime (edit: @Mono just did :)).

Replacing an innertube might take some time, and I presume it's the labour work that will be the costly part here, since the tube itself is not that expensive. 

You might want to try to do this yourself, here is a video showing how to do it. But check out if you break any warranties first. And If you are (like me) an idiot when it comes to mechanical repair, take pictures/videos along the way while you work, since that could be very handy later on when doing everything in reverse order. 




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I also have the pro, yeah, not a lot of room to air up. Same as scooter tires.

I got the $3 extension that someone else suggest on another forum, that helps a little, but is still tricky to screw on. I also did opt for putting slime in my tires. I have noticed one of my  tires deflates more quickly than the other (down to 11 lbs.) but I'm still able to ride when that happen.

Not looking forward to any tire repairs, and since this has 2 tires, it's twice the concern.

Please update if you follow the replacement procedure in video with results!

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