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Something loose in KS-18S (probably charge pin)

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Since last weekend I heard a rattling noise inside my new KS-18S. 15 minutes ago I took my wheel from the charger to check if it was just a stone that went inside somewhere and if I could easily remove it again. While checking this, I just noticed my charge port only has 2 pins anymore!! :unsure: I have no idea if the pin is pushed inside the wheel and now causing the rattling noise. The wheel was charging when I took it of the charger. 

Here you see a short movie I took.




Why has the charger three pins? Do I need the bottom pin? I am also scared that if the part that is loose is metal (this would be the case if it is the charging pin) and it can move around  inside my wheel, it will touch the board and cause a short circuit. Can I just open my wheel with the screws that are visible? Or do I need to pull back the leg supports for hidden screws? Any instruction video? I just checked and the wheel is still charging.

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28 minutes ago, Bambino said:

@Kingsong69 you are great guy. You help everybody.



thanx for the compliment...i just try my best to help! :-)

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On 8/10/2017 at 2:24 PM, D i c K (ie) said:

@KingSong69 gave me some youtube videos on how to open up the wheel. Thanks again for that!!:cheers:

It seems that the charging pin can only be in a small compartment and probably can not touch anything else electric. It also looks like you need to disassemble everything before you can acces this compartment :facepalm: to be able to take out the loose part and replace the charging port.

Because my EUC is still charging I decided to live with the fact that I now have a two pin charging port and if I ride a bump my wheel will be rattling a bit...

I hate the fact that I was so stupid to charge the wheel the first hour it was delivered on a location we were passing by constantly. We are redoing the house, but I couldn't wait to charge the wheel while we were working. Someone tripped over the charger cable and probably damaged the port.:crying: 

The youtube videos can be handy if someone wants to open up his KS-18 to service it. Here they are:


Maybe the video is deceptive, but it sounds too heavy to be the little charge pin doesn't it?

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On 26-8-2017 at 11:00 AM, GoinPostal said:

Maybe the video is deceptive, but it sounds too heavy to be the little charge pin doesn't it?

It indeed sounds a bit loud, but the sound is really coming from the chamber at the back of the charger port.

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