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Paintjob (Plasti Dip/Ninebot One)


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I always dreamt about my Ninebot One looking a bit more like a KTM Motorcycle ... Orange/black really is the only option for me ... 

got the orange outer rings from my ninebot dealer, but i keept it safe for first week of driving ;) But now its time to go black.

bought the Black Plasti Dip Spray.  Its a Plastic Foil you can spray on, and remove in one part (if necessary). more info at the end of the post.

got 2 cans of plasti dip. one Black dull and a metalizer (appx 15€ each) and some crepe/painting tape for a few bucks.

after unscrewing und cleaning with isopropanol use some swedish/finish Sony Action Cam manuals ... or ofc any old newspaper you have at hand ;)



first layer ...


let each layer dry for appx 10-15 minutes ... and redo the layers as you please like 4-6 depending on how trigger happy you are. 

my black dull side of the wheel.


on the other side i tried the metalizer. first I sprayed 3 layers black and 2 layers Metalizer but i sprayed a bit to much so it was too sparkly for my taste ... just put one more layer of black over it if its too much.



The 6 places where you open your ninebot to change battery will probably loose the plasic paint first, maybe get the layers a bit thicker at these points (if you drive with a second battery)

Not sure about how it looks like after some weeks of shoe contact/dust roads/crashes ... there are other Plasti Dip finisher too, like Glosifier or Perlizer ... all in all im very happy with the first novice attempt. but for sure anything is better than white.

Im new to dipping, here some infos i found out ...

Beside Plasti Dip there are other companies too, like e.g. Full Dip and many others. depending on your country/importer they have quite a huge collection of Colors. If you paint whole cars you can buy them per gallon, or just a spraycan which should be good for a few coatings. 

chameleon (color shift) dip https://youtu.be/hFrpJ1IYGH0?t=2m53s 

glow in the dark dip https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=blEI-64G6ZM 

or dip which changes color depending the temperature ... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YfUAY41F5KE 

some of these advanced colors are already availabe in austria so they must be quite common and easy to get in other parts of the world, as we're quite a bit behind (1-5 years at most :))

not sure about how crash proove they are but its not that much of a work to redo, and if something goes wrong .. just peel the paint off and its like new.

at last a video on how to remove the plaint, like from a whole car - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0r7xvBSqhOE 



have fun ...


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Just as an update.  I plasti-dipped my Ninebot above.  After a week or so it kept getting nicked and caught where the black rubber paint finish would come off.  After a few of these it looked really scrappy as the white showed through so I peeled the paint off in the end.  The problem is that I use my 9B1 heavily and don't want to have to start to feel precious about it.  With he white/original shells they scuff but it looks like 'proper' wear and tear.  So now back to white and no regrets - good test exercise though - only cost me a couple of cans of paint and learned how to strip 9B1 right down (twice!).

I may see if the 9B1 P shells become available later on and swap for these ;-)

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Thanks for sharing.  Good to know they're on sale already ? These ones are more than twice the price of usual shells.  Not sure if that's just because they are new, transparent or just expensive ? I may see how much they go for elsewhere first (I live in UK).

thanks again

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before my KS16 arrives i decided to testpaint my old 9b1 rings with chameleon sprayplastic

got 2 colorchanging cans from mibenco (probably available from plastidip and others too)

upper ring is "sparkling ocean", lower ring is "desert sand". used black as ground layers. desert sand came out way to dark, maybe i try some additional layers or it needs sunlight to become brighter ...



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I have one of these (Jackson PS3-T), I don't know how the paint/coloring is done:


In "dimmer" lighting (like normal lights in a room) it looks almost black, but with bright lights or sunlight, the color comes out really nice.


Don't know if it's something like layered paint or what... Would probably look pretty cool on a unicycle.

EDIT: It's the "Transparent Blue" in this chart:   http://www.jacksonguitars.com/support/color-chart/

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