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IPS A130 and I130 Batteries


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Hi Everyone-

Does anyone know where I can purchase replacement batteries for an IPS A130 and an IPS I130? Been looking on the Chinese sites and have not had any luck finding a direct replacement. The connectors on the A130 are not the same as the connectors of the generic batteries I have seen being sold. I was in contact with a representative from IPS, but was told that they no longer manufacture the battery for the A130. I am assuming this is the same for the I130 as it is also an older model wheel.

Can anyone suggest a compatible battery that could be modded to work with my wheels? Or is there someone out there that can make custom batteries? This is not an expensive wheel, so I am only looking to spend about $150 max for a battery replacement.

Any thoughts and suggestions are really appreciated,



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I'm fairly certain that the A130 has the BMS (Battery Management System) in the control board so the reason you have non- standard connectors is because there is a wire from every cell going to the main board. This is fairly unusual so a modifiable battery is going to require connecting the original connectors (or replacement ones) to every cell.

Without a BMS in the battery it is just a set of cells with power leads attached. The cells have to be spot welded, not soldered, which makes building your own difficult. However http://vruzend.com/ makes a lego like solution in which the cells are clamped. I have no experience of it but @Noillek has used them and discusses it below, I'm sure he would be happy to discuss further?

For a built solution. I believe @Jason McNeil https://www.ewheels.com/ still sells the A130 in the US and had uprated batteries fitted to his so may be able to supply one - it was discussed here: 

The only other company I'm aware of who will be able to make you one is radwerkstatt in Germany they are discussed here: 


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Wow! That is a wealth of information. Thank you very much! I'll try and contact Jason first to see if he has any batteries to sell. Yeah, I was kind of worried that this might be the case, when I took apart the wheel and took off the battery. Looks like a lot of work to try and make my own. Thanks again.

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