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GT16 power according to instructions

Yi Chen

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Instructions regarding GT16 power display;
Because GT16 power display allows users to easily misunderstood, I am here to make a note, GT16 were adopted a high-power motors, if can achieve high speed when the power supply (35 + KM/H), but high speed power is required to provide support, so the manufacturers in order to display GT16 advantages of electricity made a misleading power display program, I made a power, voltage form, hope to make you better understand.
When charge measure 40% of the time, only about 66 v voltage, this belongs to a low voltage condition, the voltage has been unable to provide enough power for GT16 high-speed, so lean GT16 to warn and pedals.
By this time you need to slow down, if charge measure 20%, this is already a very low voltage, power has been unable to let GT16 moving.
Because GT16 power display lights and APP electricity design allows users to misunderstanding, I made a chart allows users to better understand, 10 power indicator light to eight leds to occupy a lot of power, at the back of the little power LED lighting design, the user should be able to feel it


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