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Just joined the GW family!

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Congratulations! 75 sweet sweet km of distance:wub: Best shell:wub: Any plans for that range? I'd be interested, if you have specific things in mind.

Also, what made you choose the ACM (guessing: it's the best priced high range [>1000Wh] wheel?) and what alternatives did you consider?


Oscillation should be zero danger if you bought from Jason.

Cutoff with the second highest torque EUC? Not going to happen.

Charging problem? Not sure what that should be. If the wheel stops charging before it is at 100%, ride for a few moments and plug the charger in again, it will continue charging then. Repeat as needed. After you reached 100% once, it always charges to 100%.

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THANK YOU meepmeepmayer, that is very reassuring to hear!  Really appreciate your response.

I wanted the KS16S but settled for the range of the ACM (would pick KS over the ACM if it comparable with battery and weight).  I did not read or analyze all the details.  They all seem to have their own characteristics so I went simply after the range that's I've been wanting.  Ideally, I wanted that MSuperV3 but didn't want to pay the price and the ACM16 is 37lb.  That weight is also a big decision maker.

Marty had mentioned some poor wiring and his wheel didn't charge properly overtime.  He had to open up and redo some stuff. 

It will be good to go for a long ride and not have to think about how to get back home.

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Yep, 16S would be a real contender if it had a bigger battery. ACM has higher speeds (if you dare), a little better shell for offroad (less likely to touch the ground on curb-like obstacles) and a little stronger motor though (but of course the 16S has a some nice features as well that the ACM does not have).

Marty's charge port had a bad solder job on one wire and got electrically disconnected, that was all.

23 minutes ago, CaptainKBLS said:

It will be good to go for a long ride and not have to think about how to get back home.

This sentence sums up long distance riders and explorers very well. Range anxiety is for others:D I've found (mountain)bike guides/routes/tours are a good way to find interesting EUC tours.

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