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Old ACM pedal becomes new Monster heatsink

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I recently acquired a new Monster 2400wh from @Jason McNeil and have been riding it in the group rides at Griffith Park in So.Cal.I really like the wheel but it isn't the best at hill climbing.Recently during our group rides, @Sven would bring his Monster and ride it while seated and that allowed him to ascend hills on the Monster much faster while seated than he could while standing.Since @Jason McNeil gave me a seat with my new Monster,I decided to try @Sven's seated hill climbing technique during our last Griffith Park excursion on July 29th.I was blown away by how being seated makes the Monster a killer on the hills.I had no problem racing past other Gotways such as @Marty Backe's new Msuper and the like.The only downside is that I overheated the Monster 3 times on the 29th at Griffith Park.It was at this point that I decided I would do a mod to deal with the overheating Monster and check the motor wire connections since they have been problematic on many Gotway models.  Hear is a pic of the side removed:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         U4RXTMd.jpg         With all the available space on the lower right,the solution seemed to be to use it to add more aluminum to the existing heatsink to increase the heat dissapation.That is where the old ACM pedal comes in.It seemed to be a perfect source of aluminum to use to increase the area of the heatsink and since I had it lying around,why not?                     hbzKFZL.jpg                                                                                                        The next thing I did was use a grinder and dremel tool to "cut to fit" the new heatsink addition.                                                                                                         vRp9obs.jpg  Hopefully this will allow much greater heat dissapation so that the Monster doesn't hit the 79C temp as quickly and shut down.Testing will commence tomorrow.

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