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Most Fun At a Meetup


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What are the most fun meetups that people have had as EUC users? What made it the most fun?
Which activities are the most enjoyable? What are the most interesting things you've seen at a meetup?

Are there any standard rules or things to keep in mind for a meetup?

Do EUC groups charter buses or take a bus/train/mass-transit to any remote spots where they can ride around or explore? Where are the best places you've gone? Anybody ever use Megabus, etc? Do you get any problems or face any restrictions against bringing EUCs with you, especially as a group?

What kind of things would you like to hopefully one day see/do at a meetup?

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The fun thing for me is just seeing other riders and their wheels in person. Plus you get to really see an area when you're riding on a wheel. I've lived in the Baltimore-Washington area for like 30 years and in the past 3 years I've explored more of it than ever before. This weekend our group rode in all sorts of terrain--quiet residential streets, parks, sidewalks, paved paths, gravel, dirt, under a fallen tree, you name it!

As far as rules go, keep in mind there will be riders of all skill levels and their wheels will have different top speeds and battery range. No matter how low-key you try to be, a group of EUC riders will be noticed and may intimidate pedestrians so go slowly around them and give them as much room as possible. In the DC area I've never been hassled when riding except once when a group of us kind of accidentally went into the middle of the FDR Memorial. As long as you avoid the center of the memorials they don't mind. I ride around the Capitol building and the White House all the time, I've even stopped and talked with a few of the Secret Service that are stationed there.

I haven't taken the bus or train with an EUC. Amtrak's web site doesn't mention EUCs but it does say that motorized bicycles are prohibited as carry-on luggage so if the battery is a concern they might not let you bring it on. You might be able to get on by yourself but I suspect a big group might draw attention. For any trip shorter than a couple of hours I think it might be easier to just drive.

As for future meetups, it would be great if EUCs got popular enough that some sites would bring different wheels for us to try.

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