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Aloha from Hawaii

Keola Pirata

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Hello, my name is Keola. I live on the island of Oahu in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. I think electric unicycles are the wave of the future of personal compact transportation. I like how small and light they are compared to a bicycle. I enjoy street skateboarding as a mode of transportation, over a bicycle because of a skateboards compactness. You can take it into a store, don't have to lock it, worry about it getting stolen.

I like how on the electric unicycles, you are symmetrically going down the road, instead of standing sideways. When I used to skate a lot, my left calf would get sore, and my right calf have almost no workout. I am looking forward to getting my first electric unicycle in about 6 weeks or so, probably the IPS i130.

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