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Twist, Don't Lean! (but not when standing on one foot)

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It's finally become "muscle memory", and instinctive--I twist into the direction I'm starting to fall on my wheel rather than trying to lean to correct.

So much so, I can now go really, really slow and can even balance with the wheel stationary for a few seconds!  This is helpful when riding on crowded sidewalks (I discovered this in Durango, Co this week).

But, there is a down side.  I've also been hiking in the mountains on trails that had several creek crossings.  I had to take off my boots and socks to cross the creeks plus dry and keep them clean after crossing each creek.

I've always stood on one foot while drying the other and putting on the lifted foot's sock and boot.   Never used to be a problem, but now I found myself twisting instead of leaning and almost falling over!

So, maybe we need to start a list of things that indicate that you are real ,EUC rider.  My #1 is:

1)   While balancing on one foot, you have to think about leaning instead of twisting to keep your balance (might be a problem passing a sobriety test).

2) ???


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