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IPS i5 full disassembly detailed photos


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12 minutes ago, Chris Westland said:

Great to see how they pack all this in such a small package ...

Yip, thats right!

Negatives are the Little waterproofing for the wheel itself(magnets, coils) and in my view the small heatsink with no cooling at all. But perhaps the Aluminium Body takes some of the heat...

In the end i am no fan of this Ultra small wheel. For me it's Kind of gimmicky, it's much to small, slow and has to less range to be a commuter.

Also i know that a max of 20kmh is very, very slow, even on a 14inch wheel...so the first fun of having such a light and small EUC may disappear very fast!

But perhaps for someone else it's the perfect "last mile" device? 

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4 minutes ago, KingSong69 said:

I just take a look on their Website and shop! Wow!

good Prices (for us european EUC riders!)....Unfortunatly it seams they dont sell outside russia :-(

Overseas from Russia will meet customs and serviceability problems. Still yeah we're (eastern european and CIS riders) happy with their prices :wub:

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On 24/07/2017 at 10:26 AM, meepmeepmayer said:

They put some engineering in the shell:wub: How does one even make this from aluminium? CNC?

I think it is a casting. Usually for castings zinc - aluminium alloys are used, which is not good due to their low mechanical properties. 

In modern cars the engine block and cylinder head is also aluminum casting, made from high quality aluminium, but I don't believe here the same process is used. 

I wonder what aluminium alloy is used for the shells. 

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