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can't use ninebot app on ipad ( ipad air 2 )


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The screen is all wrong. I can not believe an app can be this wrong . trying to touch the 1x button doesn't help. nothing happens. I'll add a screen picture.

I am also unable to register as a new user. I forgot my old user name/login details. ( ipad restored from backup )

After registering on the web site, when I enter my email and click the verify button, it show the email exists. but the way the app is displayed I cant proceed.

I have been able to connect to the ninebot, but not practical like this.

I tried deleting and reinstalling the app several times.



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What if you rotate your device?  Also, it appears to be a strange screen format, is this a tablet?

EDIT:  Sorry, I missed the whole other part of your message somehow. I see it's a tablet. Still, maybe try rotating and see if it's different. Likely not though. 

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