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Constant Beeping on Ninebot Mini-Pro

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My wife's MiniPro acted funny today.

Shortly after she started riding, it started beeping.  It beeped constantly, regardless of speed and even when stopped.

We powered it on and off several times, but we couldn't stop the beeping.  However, otherwise, everything seemed fine.  Maybe a slower top speed, but we're not for sure.  We were so nervous about what the beeping meant that we went really slow.

She rode for 10 or 15 minutes with the constant beeping. 

One thing that was different was that she didn't have her phone with her.  So, there was no connection to a BT device like we usually have.

I tried turning on the Bluetooth on my phone and power cycled the MiniPro.  The beeping didn't come back!  But, maybe this was just a coincidence.

Also, the MinPro was in a hot car before we started riding.  But, the beeping was not occurring  when she first started riding.  Only after 30 seconds or a minute.   Maybe after she got out of BT range of her phone that was left in the car?

Anybody have a clue what the issue was?  I'm concerned it may come back and it might not be safe to ride while the beeping is going on.


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We weren't using the app. 

Previously the speed limit was disabled. She could ride at 10 mph before beeping and tilt-back would occur

Now the beeping no longer occurs.  But, I'd like to understand what happens so we'll know what to do if it happens again.  It beeped continuously, even when stopped.

But, to be sureI checked the app for the speed limit setting.  When I clicked on the icon to set the limit, the prompt asked whether to enable speed limit or cancel.  So, I think than means it was not enabled.



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Battery temperature could have been too high. The beeps may have had a pattern, if it was indicating an error, or it was limiting speed due to temperature. 

You don't need a cell phone connected to ride once youve i itialized it. The bluetooth just continues to blink, but everything works for riding. 

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My ninebot s started beeping at me after my husband upgraded my tires and the “fenders” I like to call them but to the scout frame and new handle bars. It works just fine with him but when I get on it starts beeping and the self balancing shuts off. It moves back and forth. It’s like the handle bars start adjusting from upright to having to reach way out in front of me to even be in a  non moving position. I’ve tried everything to fix the problem. Even put my old tires frame and handle bars back on. Any idea what’s going on or how to fix it?

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