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KingSong warranty service


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Recently my KS16 was making a scraping noise when hitting bumps.  I took it apart and found that the axle was starting to crack.  I'm 100kg and have about 2800km on the wheel according to the app.


I purchased this direct from KingSong in 2016 and luckily it was still in warranty.  Kingsong agreed to send me a new motor, although I had to pay for shipping as well as $13US for new pillars as the new motor has a 2mm thicker axle and is not compatible with the old pillars. It was about $98 US total.  They were great to deal with, the support person gave me her WhatsApp number for faster communication.

I did run into a snag when installing it though, as it appears they did not machine the rounded channel in the top of the pillar.  I was doing this at the lake and didn't have access to my power tools, but luckily the neighbor had a bench grinder and I was able to grind out a matching channel.


It's back in business now, and hopefully this won't be an issue in the future with the new thicker axle.

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It is good to hear the manufacturer is providing good after sales support. Hearing things like this always inspires confidence in a high price purchase. It is a shame you had to pay shipping though. Really I would think they should have covered that too as this is clearly a warranty failure and not a small amount in your case.

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