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Reputable UL 2271 Battery and Charger for Smart Balance Wheel


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My family bought a Smart Balance Wheel for our daughter at a ski team auction in February 2017.

She started riding the hoverboard one week ago and has mastered it rather quickly.

When I unpackaged the board I took note that  there was no contact information for the manufacturer or UL certification.

I have read about the problems with battery related fires. Have researched UL 2271 battery packs and I am frustrated that the majority of the battery packs available from are from unrecognized vendors on eBay.

Looking for a recommendation for a source of a legitimate UL 2271 36V batterypack that has the real Samsung (LG or Panasonic) cells, proper wiring configuration and a good BMS.

Also looking for a recommendation for a replacement charger.




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Moved this post to Hoverboards where it belongs.

@stoicdad, to be perfectly honest if you are going to replace both the battery and charger, it is going to be more cost effective to replace the entire Hoverboard. If neither the charger or battery are certified then surely the rest of it isn't likely to be of the highest quality either.

Having said that quite a lot of people lose interest in hoverboards fairly quickly as they are not terribly useful outdoors unless you have very smooth surfaces to ride on, so you might be better off just charging it safely for the time being, I.e. Ideally on concrete away from anything combustible and let your daughter continue to enjoy it until she has a firm idea what she would like to replace it with.

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